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A ready-made solution for those who are tired of getting rejected. And payment commission starting from 0%.

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About us

We are pleased to introduce an innovative cryptocurrency and fiat gateway that will change the way you make payments and mass payments.

Our main goal is to create a simple, secure and reliable way to accept and send payments in various cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Gateway is designed using advanced blockchain technology and distributed data storage to ensure the security and transparency of every transaction.

One of the key advantages is the low commission - only 0%. We believe that every user should be able to send and receive money at no extra cost. Our team strives to make financial transactions as affordable and profitable as possible for all our customers.

In addition, we provide the ability to make mass payments. If you need to make simultaneous payments to multiple recipients, the gateway will provide fast and efficient transactions, minimizing time and financial costs. We're committed to simplifying and speeding up the payment process so you can focus on growing your business.

Our team has a wealth of experience in financial technology. We closely follow innovations in blockchain, cryptocurrencies and electronic payments to bring you the most advanced solutions.

SP PAYss - is not only a gateway for receiving and sending payments, but also a platform that can meet the needs of diverse businesses and individuals. We provide integration with various electronic systems and payment providers to simplify your financial transactions and ensure their security.

Our mission is to create a decentralized and democratic financial ecosystem. We strive to develop economic freedom and trust by providing access to financial tools for all. SP PAYss is a tool to help you make payments and receive money with ease and confidence.

We are ready to be your reliable partner in the world of financial technologies. We believe that the future lies in digital payments, and we are proud to offer you the opportunity to be ahead of the times. Join us, and together we will create a new era of payments and financial transactions!

SP PAYss opens on May 1, 2024. Join us and be part of financial progress!


Low fee

We offer commissions starting at 0%, allowing users to save on additional costs when accepting payments and making bulk payments.

Safety and Security

We use advanced blockchain technology and distributed data storage systems to ensure the security and transparency of every transaction, guaranteeing the privacy of your data and financial transactions.


We offer an intuitive interface and simple steps to accept and send payments. You can quickly learn the platform and start using it for your financial transactions.


We are always happy to communicate with our users and stakeholders! If you have any questions, suggestions or would like to become part of SP PAYss, please contact us. We are ready to help and support you every step of the way.

Participate in our beta testing! We invite you to become one of the first users of SP PAYss and define together with us the future of financial possibilities. Your opinions and feedback are incredibly important to us as we strive to create the most user-friendly and innovative platform possible.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to join our team of pioneers! To become a beta tester and participate in development, contact us at the contacts below. We look forward to your involvement and collaboration.

Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]
Telegram: @ProgerAN

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Join us and be part of the financial revolution! Together, we'll make the future of payments and financial transactions even easier, safer and more accessible for everyone.